Welcome to Artstratosphere Music School

Our story begins as a small family business since 1990, importing guzheng and other related products, with the commitment in providing the best quality for our students.

As year goes by, we share Chinese music knowledge even more. The school was restructured in 2004, and was successfully registered under the Ministry of Education as a private school to provide Guzheng lessons.Our school course syllabus, examination grading and instructors are accordance and approved by MOE. As a school providing Chinese musical education to our students, we strive to go extra mile to educate and touch the hearts of students. We provide them the best quality of products and after sales service care.

Music Course

Guzheng Course

古箏 (Gu Zheng) creates a soft sound that contains Zen rhyme and has always been one of Chinese Orchestra’s more popular courses. In order to have high quality 古箏(Gu Zheng) courses, students will be taught according to the syllabus which the teacher has prepared.

Flute Course

A run through on the culture and history of the Flute/Di Zi ( 笛子 ). If you’re keen on mastering the Flute/Di Zi ( 笛子) worry not, our patient teachers will provide you with the guidance you require. With determination, nothing is difficult.

ErHu Course

The erhu (pinyin: èrhú) is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, which may also be known as the “Chinese violin” or “Chinese two-stringed fiddle”. Our course introduces the general knowledge of erhu from easy to difficult such as the tuning, sitting position, playing technique, etc.

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